“Your [Moth] Traps Are the Ultimate!!” 2

“Your [Moth] Traps Are the Ultimate!!”

“Your Traps Are the Ultimate!!”

Here at TrapsDirect.com we have a committed focus on customer service and satisfaction. We dedicate many hours each day to helping customers understand how best to use our products and how to select which products will best fit their needs. Occasionally we will hear from a customer that doesn’t have a question but who instead has had a fantastic experience with one of our products. Of course, we greatly enjoy hearing success stories such as this and we will share one with you now. The subject line of the customer email is the title of this post, presented with one clarifying edit which is clearly indicated.

A DIRECT Quote From a Customer

“I’ve been using your moth traps for years now. I have NEVER seen anything that works so well. The last trap that I took out of the closet was so full of moths I didn’t think that there was any room left for any critter. Unbelievable. Tried Raid traps in a pinch and they are just a waste of $. Your traps are the ultimate!! Thanks so much.”

TrapsDirect.com Traps = Effective

To be clear, the above is a DIRECT QUOTE from the customer email. In fact, it is the entire email, presented with no editing or modification of any type. We pride ourselves here at TrapsDirect.com on making available only the very best solutions to problems with moths that infest common food products such as: flour, pasta, cereals, cocoa, tea, corn starch, confectioners’ sugar, soda crackers, bread crumbs, and others. These types of moths are also very commonly found in bird seed mixes, bulk peanuts, dog food, and other feeds for both domestic and wild animals. To be clear, however, despite Lois’s reference to a “closet” these traps are NOT effective against clothing or wool-eating moths.moth-banner-s

TrapsDirect.com Traps = Safe

Our moth traps are not only always highly effective but also absolutely safe for adults, children, pets, and wildlife because they have zero pesticides. To best protect unintended animals, never place traps outdoors unless in a confined and protected space, such as a closed food receptacle like a lidded trash container or other such device, that cannot be accidentally accessed by pets or other animals. You would never want to place dangerous chemicals in your food pantry or near the food you use to feed pets or other animals and with these moth traps you don’t have to.

The Latest Moth Trap Design EXCLUSIVE to TrapsDirect.com

Now, beginning just in June 2015, TrapsDirect.com is very pleased to announce that we offer not just one, but two options for food moth control and elimination. The new, and absolutely exclusive to TrapsDirect.com, Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap (ACPPT) is now available. It presents many unique advantages and benefits that the other existing traps just can’t provide and you can learn more about them here.

The NEW Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap
The NEW Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap

If you are suffering a food moth infestation and just don’t know where to turn to get rid of the little buggers, then visit TrapsDirect.com today for your choice of the most effective solutions on the market at this time. Don’t just take our word for it though, remember what Lois had to say above and know that you will experience the “ultimate” results!

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