Moth Infestation 20 pack Able Catch


20 Moth Traps (10 x 2-pack)

  • FREE PRIORITY Shipping
  • Works on ALL food moths
  • Long life pheromone lure

Resolve major moth infestations

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Moth Infestation 20 pack

20 Premium Moth Traps

Conquer your moth infestation problem with 20 moth traps ( 10 x 2 pack).

Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps (ACPPT) have 18-24 month shelf life, enabling you to stock up, save 15% and receive 2 day priority shipping.

Diligent use of pheromone moth traps will continually catch the males which leads to reduced populations. Depending on how bad the infestation was after several generations population drops below breeding threshold, no more moth larvae, no more adult moths.


  • 20 Moth Traps: 18-24 month shelf life
  • Long Lasting: Pheromone lasts 60-90 days once opened
  • Easy to Use: Remove liner, Drop Pheromone onto bullseye, Insert TAB into SLOT
  • Flexible Placement: Deploy TAB WINGS to Tuck, Hook or Loop


Traps Direct – Able Catch Quality Pantry Pest Traps

Innovative Trapezoid Design, Green Stone Exterior and always made in the USA.


Weight 1.60 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × .50 in
What's Included?

20 Moth Traps (10 x 2-pack), Simple directions on the glue side of the trap (reducing waste), Works on ALL food moths, Long life pheromone lure, FREE PRIORITY Shipping INCLUDED

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