Pantry Moth Traps Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit – Moth Invasion

Dried Fruit Led to Moth Invasion
  • Dried Fruit Moth Trap - 10/10
  • Phermone Moth Trap - 9/10

Moths Found the fruit

We had dried fruit from freezer in the garage back in June.
I thought he put it away, he though I put it away.
By August, we were struggling with an invasion of tiny brown moths flying everywhere in the garage. It just kept getting worse. Finally we cleaned out the work bench below the peg board...
'GROSS... and Nasty' crawling with white worms (moth larvae) we could hardly see the dried fruit under all the cocoon webbing... It was really bad... It seems the pantry moths found the fruit before we did.

After reading lots of reviews, we decided to go with the Able Moth Traps. Three reasons:

  1. American Made, we try to buy products that keep our country strong and independent
  2. Natural and Green, our family avoids pesticides
  3. Wings? Able Traps have a hook built into the tabs, and we knew we could use the hooks to hang the traps from the peg board rather than duct taping them.

Within days, 2 of the traps were full... We've put out more and the problem is getting under control. In the future we are going to keep at least 1 trap over the work bench to monitor the moths. NO ONE wants the mess that we went through.


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