Able Catch Tuck Tab Moth Trap

Tucked Under Cabinet – Bullseye Able Catch

Amazing Able Catch MothTrap
  • set and forget
  • green design
  • Wing Tabs tucked

Set and Forget Moth Trap Hung on hit Bullseye

We had a major pantry moth infestation and ordered able catch green moth traps because we trusted American Made moth traps. (the alternative was from China, with 'built in' lures... )

When the traps arrived assembly was simple, drop the lure on the bullseye. One trap went in the pantry , and under the cabinet, we used the wing tabs to tuck a second trap in the space between the cabinet edge. Both traps started to fill up, and I replaced the pantry moth trap after 14 days because it was full.

I had forgotten about the trap tucked under the cabinet, and just took it down. Packed!!
Able Catch Tuck Tab Moth Trap

We appreciate the shelf saving tab wing , another American innovation..


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