spider trapped under a couch

Great Spider Trap Placement = Results

Location, Location, Location

Yes, its true that Spider Trap performance depends on quality construction, super tacky glue fields and zero-warning edges.  But it is also true that the best spider trap placed in an atypical area will yield poor results vs ideal trap placement.

Spider Traps use an interception strategy and should be placed along walls, and in corners where house spiders are most likely to transit.   Additionally, placement at gaps in walls (i.e. doors, windows, even garage doors) will result in higher catch rates.

Some of these ideal placement zones may be in a field of view that makes home and apartment owners uncomfortable, because the trap may call attention to itself.   With many old style insect monitor or integrated pest control traps, this was a very real concern as the monitors were more functional than aesthetic.  But that has changed.

Green 288i Spider Trap

With the recent introduction by traps direct of the 288i rev “C” (consumer insect and spider trap) , the placement concerns have disappeared.  In fact the trap does a good job of disappearing in plain site.   The top of the trap has no visible marking, only a gravel green pattern that does not catch the eye.   Under the monitor windows on once side is the placement date, and the other side a small font text TrapsDirect.com/spider  , no logo or IPM Matrix.   The bottom of trap contains a logo, EPA registration ( 48377-ny-1 ) , made in the USA, and model 288i rev C placed around the base anchor strip.

Consumer 288i – Spiders Caught

Results speak for themselves:

spider trapped under a couch
Located under a couch

The trap was opened to take a picture of one less spider in this Georgia home!

You can see the green ‘gravel’ top of the trap on the right hand side.  Small enough to place anywhere, strong enough to stop a big spider in its tracks.. Now that’s a smart spider trap!


1 thought on “Great Spider Trap Placement = Results”

  1. I had been purchasing the Red traps for year, but thought I would switch to a green trap instead.
    They just arrived today and look surprisingly nice…
    and the inside is the same quality. In fact when removing the wax paper with print side is down, you wouldn’t know that the trap was red or green, until you assemble it.
    Nice job with an easy on the eyes product

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