Wing Tabs - Hook onto Wire Shelves

New Place – Moths Included

Out of the Wood Work

New Place Complete with Moths

I didn;t know that moving into new place, I would have nasty little brown pantry moths driving me crazy. So I looked and ordered these pesticide-free traps from Traps Direct. They're awesome! 5 mins after of opening pheromone pouch and dropping it on the bullseye I had 3 moths flying into the living room.
Best of all I hung on the pantry shelf then caught 6 in first 15 mins!
Great value, each good for 3 months and made right here in America. (after the dog food incident our family tries to avoid any chinese products)

But now that I see SIX moths, and a several more coming out of dark corners i realize my infestation is worse than I thought. It's giving me the creepy-crawlies!

These traps only attract and catch the mating males....but I wonder how many females can be hiding here?"


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