Agricultural Grade Pheromone in Able Catch Moth Traps

Able Catch Moth Traps Life Cycle

It’s here… Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap

Yes, it’s true, the pest control product design experts at Traps Direct have been working on a revamped Pantry Moth Control Solution.   At Traps Direct, our project life cycle stages echo the stages of a moth’s life cycle:

  1. Egg ( idea )
  2. Larvae ( Initial Concept )
  3. Pupae ( Transform & Refine )
  4. Adult ( Public Release )

So our projects operate in stealth during the Egg and Larvae phases and then as we transition to Pupae we work with a small set of consumers to iteratively refine the product.  We always ask our Traps Direct Pupae to keep the prototype traps under wraps.  But a fair number of our readers noticed the rumors circulating around the blogosphere hinting that a new alternative might be in the wings, so to speak.   Well, today we can say they were right…

After 24 months of design, refinement, testing and more revisions the Moth Trap Pupae evolves into an adult.
The ACPPT – Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap makes it’s debut.

Able catch Pantry Pest Trap
Taking Flight – ACPPT – Able catch Pantry Pest Trap

Able Catch is different

At first glance the Able Catch Pantry Moth Trap looks a bit different.  The Green stone pattern fits in today’s homes.  The trap shape is not a triangle, but a trapezoid.  The foot print is also 50% smaller than most Moth Traps, while having a trap area 15% larger.

Instructions appear in the inside of the trap, along with a bar code link to schedule a trap change reminder, and for a fully illustrated Able Catch Guide for placement and assembly

But a closer inspection reveals an advantage hidden in plain sight.   The instead of a solid tab, the tab is shaped into two arches.  The arches can be bent away from the tab to form wings… Both short wings and extended long wings that can be used to place the trap in an abundance of locations that the old generation traps just won’t go.  By using these ‘tab wings” the Able Catch has 3 additional placement options:  Tuck , Hook and Loop…   Essentially offering a zero-footprint moth trap. More on those in another post.


Eco-friendly , sustainable design and shipping

Able Catch Trap design takes into consideration how the world works today.   By that we mean e-commerce is no longer e-commerce, it’s really just commerce… Most customers will buy the Able Catch Traps from online vendors, and with that in mind, the ACPPT does not contain any exterior packaging and the instructions are printed on the inside of the trap.

Exterior Boxes or Plastic Cello wrappers are designed for a retail setting.  The colors to attract attention on a shelf, a box to convey ‘size’ and have instructions printed on them.  But in today’s world, these aren’t needed, and negatively impact the carbon footprint of most old school moth traps.   In fact some national brand moth traps come in a 4 color cardboard box that is the same amount of cardboard as the BOTH traps combined..  100% wasted cardboard, ink and because it is 3 dimensional, the carbon foot print of Able Catch Traps is 1/9th the cost of a national brand boxed and assembled traps.   Able Catch can ship 90 traps in the space that national brands ship 10 traps.

Able Catch is available today

Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps are shipping today, and will initially only be offered by our launch partner Cleaner Today

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