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Brown Recluse Spiders House Infestation

5 out of 5


House Spider Infestation Controlled

This advantage spider trap was only down for 1 month. It was placed behind the upstairs guest bathroom toilet. Our house infestation is mainly Brown Recluse spiders. My spouse doesn’t think the problem is that bad! He says they are NOT Brown Recluse’s, even though I have had 3 separate exterminators identify them as such.I find these spiders in my bathroom sinks, drawers, bathtubs, dishes, shoes, and even in my bed. I check under the sheets every night before getting into bed. One time I made a meatloaf and one scurried across my loaf because it was in the casserole dish.

We have has our house professionally dusted for these pests, and I spray regularly to kill off their food source. One exterminator said that we have so many of them that they are eating each other.

So far nothing is as effective as your advantage spider traps! Since placing your traps in all the “hot spots” and 6 in my master bedroom, I have had very few live encounters. I haven’t found a single spider in my bed. Every month their are less and less in the traps.

Advantage Spider Traps
Melissa’s Spider Traps catch plenty

Your spider traps DO still work beyond 3 months, especially if there is a trapped insect on the glue board. I found out because I had forgotten a about a trap. But most of the time I replace the spider traps every 3 months because of the amount of dust that gets on them.

  (Advantage Spider Traps mentioned in this review have been improved and replaced with Smart Spider Traps)

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