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Moth Trap Pheromone Reminder

Moth Control using pheromone lure showcase science in action.  The female pheromone (or scent although we humans can’t smell it) sends breeding age male pantry moths into a crazed search to find ‘their girl’.

Fingers off the lure!

Moth Lure Pheromones are exquisitely sensitive, and can be degrade by as much as the oils on your finger during the 5 seconds it takes to place the lure in the trap… For this reason we always recommend, tearing or cutting open the bait packet, but not removing the lure with your fingers.  Instead after removing the protective film from the Able Catch Moth Trap drop the lure onto the bullseye without touching it.. How it lands, and even where it lands is not important. There is not a right-side-up, it will work in any orientation.easy assembly able catch traps

Replace Lures older than 90 days

Pheromone lures don’t last forever and a common mistake with Pantry Moth Traps is letting the trap sit out for 6 months then being frustrated that the ‘trap stopped working’.   Pheromone wafers last about 3 months.  Several factors will effect how long the lures are potent:

  • Dry Climates:
    in lower humidity areas lures dry out a week or two faster
  • High AirFlow:
    Air flow also reduces pheromone life by a couple weeks, don’t set the trap directly in-line with a fan or vent.

Trap Replacement Reminder

Need help remembering to change your pheromone traps?  Use our handy reminder: Pheromone Trap 90 Day Reminder

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