Great Spider Trap Placement = Results

spider trapped under a couch

Why settle for something less than attractive. When you take on DIY insect control, or even when you hire a professional exterminator, choose a product that respects your surroundings. Green spider traps from traps direct.
Consumer Spider Trap – 288i , easy on the eyes green exterior, tough on spiders premium catch field inside.

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Smarter Spider Traps

Smart Spider Trap

Sure, it’s just a spider trap. But to Traps Direct, all we do are traps, so we took a close look and reinvented the spider trap leaving behind the legacy insect monitor design.
Extensive research was performed to improve the trapping surface, wasteful windows like the monitor windows were eliminated. Trapping surface was extended to all sides, rather than just the floor.
The result is a Spider Trap that is Smarter and works better.

Anatomy of a Spider Trap

Anatomy of a Spider Trap  1

We only do traps… and so things like edge-to-edge and no warning active trap fields get our attention. But so does a product-to-package ratio and the need for a reduced dimensional weight to reduce the spider trap carbon foot print.
Spider Trap anatomy is an informative starting point to explore why a trap’s construction does make a difference..