Pantry Moth Recharge Lures – Now Shipping

Phermone Recharge Lure extends moth trap life

Able Catch Recharge Lures  Traps Direct announces Able Catch – Pantry Moth Trap Recharge Lures available immediately from  and shortly at Spent Lures, good Moth Traps Moth Traps don’t wear out, they just fill up.   So why do we throw away moth traps that aren’t full? We discard half empty moth traps because […]

Recharge Lures by Able Catch

Recyle Triangle Able Catch Recharge Lure

Just a quick update. The rumor mill has been predicting a new product announcement by Able Catch. (following on the tremendously popular Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap , the trap with wings). From what we have heard, it is may be a monitor / sentinel type Pantry Moth Trap with an extended life or recharge […]