Green Spider Trap – 288i rev C

Green Spider Trap - 288i rev C 1

Use what the professional insect management and pest control companies use: 288i industry standard insect monitor and spider trap. But don’t put up with the brash RED logo, IPM matrix and text. Instead Traps Direct keeps the quality inside and give this industry standard a makeover. Take a look at these two variations of the Catchmaster 288i and decide which you would rather have in your closet or basement…

spider and insect monitor traps

spider and insect monitor traps 2

Like all things, the more you know history, the more things make sense. Join us for a quick history of Insect Monitors.
Once only used by pest control professionals, they have come into our homes as a cost effective means of spider control.
Yes, they are priced right, but they do have some issues..
Get the good, the bad and the ugly about the lowly insect monitor trap.

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Curious about what traps work? Comparing brands of spider traps or moth traps?
Looking to identify an insect you have in your home?
Fighting an infestation? Looking for guidance or support?
You have come to the right place.
Our team of Trap Gurus will track down the answers to your infestation and control challenges.

Smarter Spider Traps

Smart Spider Trap

Sure, it’s just a spider trap. But to Traps Direct, all we do are traps, so we took a close look and reinvented the spider trap leaving behind the legacy insect monitor design.
Extensive research was performed to improve the trapping surface, wasteful windows like the monitor windows were eliminated. Trapping surface was extended to all sides, rather than just the floor.
The result is a Spider Trap that is Smarter and works better.