greeen spider trap

Spider Traps Work Well – Look great

Green Spider Traps - effective and smart
  • eco-friendly - 98%
  • discrete color / appearance - 90%

green spider traps

I was happy to see the red Spider Traps had been replaced with green spider traps. When I received the traps they were nicer than expected. Once assembled, the top has a pebble pattern with no wording or logos.
This means the traps aren't very obvious when walking through the house.
Format wise, they are the same as the red trap, in shape and glue placement. While it is a Traps Direct design, they are manufactured by AP&G the makers of catchmaster.

I've used the traps for years, and am happy to report they are green both pesticide free & zero waste packaging. It seems fitting that now they are also green in color.

Robin W from Charlotte


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