Smart Spider Trap

Smarter Spider Traps

Sure, it’s just a spider trap. But to Traps Direct, all we do are traps, so we took a close look and reinvented the spider trap leaving behind the legacy insect monitor design.
Extensive research was performed to improve the trapping surface, wasteful windows like the monitor windows were eliminated. Trapping surface was extended to all sides, rather than just the floor.
The result is a Spider Trap that is Smarter and works better.

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Advantage Spider Traps

Brown Recluse Spiders House Infestation

Even having her home professionally dusted for spiders hasn’t managed the same level of control as using Traps Direct Advantage Spider Traps.
Melissa used the Advantage Spider Traps to keep an ongoing brown recluse infestation under control. She shares her review and pictures of her results.
(Advantage Spider Traps mentioned in this review have been improved and replaced with Smart Spider Traps)

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