Moth Trap Bulk Pricing 2

Moth Trap Bulk Pricing

Tried Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps?

Thousands of customers trust Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps as Eco-responsible solution to solve food moth infestations.  The pantry moth trap’s tab wing hanger  suspends the trap from shelves, doors, light switches (and many more surfaces) conserving space.

Zero Waste Package design eliminates boxes and the waste associated with production, and shipping.

Reduce Shipping Waste

Customers have already saved up to 20% purchasing moth traps multi packs : moth control 10 trap pack or moth infestation 20 pack.

But the carbon foot print reductions happen with every step, and every mile.  Continuing our socially responsible approach to business we introduce Able Catch Quantity Discounts.   A single order with a larger quantities of Moth Trap has less than a 1% impact on the delivery carbon footprint.  vs a 100% impact when placing separate orders.

Moth Trap Quantity Discounts

Moth Trap Bulk Pricing 3


Every item will now show a Quantity Discount matrix.   The Price for a given quantity will be shown.

You’ll know the price you pay based on the number you purchase.

Discounts range up to 15%.

Quantity discounts are offered on all product sizes.  So in addition to multi-pak savings, you will also receive quantity discounts!

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