Spider Control Pack – 36 Spider Traps

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36 premium spider traps enough for most homes and apartments

  • Modern design: No logos or pest control grids
  • Subtle Green Outside: Green pattern fits most environments
  • Green Inside: Non Toxic , no poisons
  • Pre-Baited: Food Grade Molasses (hint of vanilla)
  • Flexible Shape: Spider Trap works as Triangle or Box
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36 Premium Spider Traps

Regain control of your spider problem

Take control of house spiders, brown recluse, hobo and other spiders with the Spider Control Pack.

You get 36 premium spider traps (12 sheets of 3 ) enough for most homes and apartments.

  • Place Anywhere: Subtle green pattern blends in
  • Non-toxic & Safe :  No need to worry about children or pets
  • Flexible Shape: Triangle ,  Box or use flat
  • Long Lasting: 18-24 month shelf life when kept in cool dry area; last 90 days once release paper is removed.


Get results, get rid of spiders

Professional quality design and construction, made in the USA.

Weight .65 lbs

2 reviews for Spider Control Pack – 36 Spider Traps

  1. Sherri B

    My spider traps arrived quickly and in good shape. I am using the traps/sticky boards to round up spiders and other pests. The great news is that I don’t seem to have as many spiders as I originally thought when I recently killed a brown recluse. Thank you for a great product and even better customer service.

  2. Kimberly

    I have a question I have a 2 bedroom home. It’s not a huge home but fairly good size. How many traps do I need and do they go inside the home?

  3. Traps Direct

    A typical 2 bedroom home / apartment requires 16 recluse spider traps

    5 Traps in Bedroom #1 – At each of 4 bedposts, 1 in closet
    5 Traps in Bedroom #2 – At each of 4 bedposts, 1 in closet
    1 Spider Trap in the Bathroom – Behind Toilet
    2 Spider Traps in the Kitchen – 1 trap near refrigerator, 1 trap near sink
    3 Spider Traps in the Living Room – 1 by Front Door, 2 traps on the opposite side of room
    For a total of 16 spider traps every 90 days.
    Sticky Spider Glue Traps will remain effective for 3 months.

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