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Green Spider Trap - 288i rev C 2

Green Spider Trap – 288i rev C

Use what the professional insect management and pest control companies use: 288i industry standard insect monitor and spider trap. But don’t put up with the brash RED logo, IPM matrix and text. Instead Traps Direct keeps the quality inside and give this industry standard a makeover. Take a look at these two variations of the Catchmaster 288i and decide which you would rather have in your closet or basement…

Advantage spider traps - 250% more active trapping surface.

Compare Advantage Spider Traps to the rest.

After profiling the venerable insect monitor as a spider trap we turn examine the Advantage Spider Trap line from Traps Direct. The goal of the advantage spider trap was to overcome the disadvantages of insect monitors ( low ratio of sticky glue to surface area, harsh utility appearance, no directions) and to retain its advantages of reasonable prices with an ideal package-to-product environmental impact. Did they do it? Find out when you Compare the Advantage Spider Traps.

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