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Traps Direct now exclusively sells the ACPPT (Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap) as our premium plodia pheromone moth traps.

The decision to discontinue selling the 812 Catchmaster was based on supply chain issues that made the traps harder to stock combined with the flood of customer requests that we carry the Able Catch Moth Traps.

Several years in the making, the Able Catch moth trap is a refreshed approach to the classic pheromone glue trap:

  • Gone are the Stark Logos on White Card Stock, or the wood grain of the 812.  Instead the ACPPT presents a light fern green color in a granite or stone pattern that blends into today’s kitchens and pantries.
  • Online Able Catch Guide provides everything from basic directions, to step-by-step instructions and many examples of the Wing Tabs
  • No more triangle trap, the improved design adds a fourth side to the trap opening up the trap angles allowing moths to be caught by a higher percentage of the trap surface.  The additional side also results in a Active Trap Flight Entrance (ATFE) that is twice the size.
  • Single Wrap high quality lure is attached to the protective film, in the same location that it should be dropped.  The lure also includes the most important tip of never handling the lure, to avoid skin oils masking the pheromone.
  • TAB WINGS are the highlight of the Able Catch Trap.  Once assembled, the outer edges of the Tab become Wings or Arms that can be used to hang on to shelving, drapes, blinds, switch plates and a host of other surfaces.
  • MADE in the USA.  All of the design, production and manufacture is USA based.   Some recent additions to the moth trap market place have come from China, and we’ve had concerned customers worry about china produced moth trap’s chemical make up.   ABLE CATCH IS USA Made… Protects US Jobs.

Give the Able Catch Pantry Moth Traps a try, we think you’ll be as impressed.

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